Friday, July 1, 2011

turtle alert!

how funny!
turtles stopping air traffic
at jfk !!

"About 150 diamondback terrapin turtles - mainly female - tramped across Runway 4 to the 185-acre Jamaica Bay wildlife reserve next door where their eggs will be fertilised by their male partners.
The first turtle was spotted at 6.45am when air traffic control contacted an American Airlines flight bound for the Dominican Republic with the question: 'There's a report of a turtle on the runway. Do you want to have it removed first?'
- mail online

"Shortly after both Port Authority staff and the US Department of Agriculture were dispatched to help the creatures on their way.
The workers hurried to move the turtles between take-offs and landings, causing delays to numerous flights.
Holidaymakers and airlines took to Twitter to comment on the unusual cause of their travel woes and post witty comments and a Twitter account was even created for the turtles themselves."
- mail online
by sarah gordon

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