Saturday, June 26, 2010

ประเทศไทย thailand heaven on earth........

the beach...
 even more

when i was here the $1.00 = 40 thai baht
so yes that is $5.00 for 
an hour massage.

lounge bars playing trance music...
over looking the ocean...

 the sun sets like this every night.
it is a purely spectacular sight.                    พระอาทิตย์ตกดิน

and the food...

we found this little hut on the beach as we 
were taking a walk...

we crawled inside, rang the little bell and viola... 
we ordered an amazing lunch...

it is absolutely indescribable.

this is fried shrimp wrapped around 
sugar cane
with a sweet & spicy sauce.

these salads were prepared in a small hut on the beach

grilled corn on a stick with a lot of salt and butter...
i must have eaten a hundred...

these vendors cary 
everything they need on a stick.
they drop and cook then 
continue to the 
next spot.

garlic fried fish...

i must have eaten 10 whole snapper a day...
all different 

how delightful to walk up and
select your fish or lobster, that was just caught, and have a bowl
of orchids and lemons to rinse your fingers.
thailand in one word - extravagant.      


everything luxurious at your finger tips, yet nothing expensive.
actually quite the contrary. 

the flower market in bangkok

food, flowers, beaches oh my!!!! 
thailand is an amazing adventure. the kindest people
the best food and the cleanest 
every which way you look is another remarkable
sight and smell.

khao san rd

this pad thai cost about a dollar 
and keeps me

awake dreaming about it.

 to die for street food.

view from our hotel window.
the peninsula hotel in bangkok for about 
$200.00 a night:
this view, a mercedes car picks you up
from the airport .

a breakfast buffet fit for kings.
three rooms of 
delicious food..... thailand is 

these street vendors could put top 
chef to shame on flavors and presentation.
 big golden buddha aka big face.

someone once told me that once you go to thailand you will 
always want to go back.

i thought the world was to big to ever want to
go to the same place twice.
i was wrong.
 i want to return to thailand.
it truly is like a dream.
something so special i shared with my sister.

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