Thursday, April 26, 2012

my new back yard?

well i am still renovating my house...
firing my contractor
and learning
something new everyday...

this project has been a long tough road 
of emotions and lessons.

i am a bundle of nerves...
is coming to town to save they day.
i have toyed with this decision

wondering if i am ready to see him.
it has been a year...

after all timo is family
and it's time to see him.

i knew this day would come
and honestly...

how can i say no
to this?

yes, timo is coming to town
to help me finish and fix
my house...


give me the most beautiful
landscaped yard!

this is a picture of my house with
timo's ideas...

what am i going to do?

can i stay cool?
can he?

can we be friends??

we will see...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

awning? pergola?

awning? pergola? 
what should i do?

i love the idea of a fabric awning,
i think they are so cute and retro...

i also love the idea of an 
aluminum awning...

and then building a pergola...
well that sounds beautiful as well!

i am addicted to vines, so a pergola
sounds totally like my cup of tea...
they are also a little more whimsical
and romantic...

but not water proof...

i think a pergola is the way to go!
i can find vines that are sturdy
and thick,
and i also think i can figure out how
 to make it waterproof, 
or at least part of it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

house progress...

well i have moved in...
what a bumpy road it has been!

my house still isn't finished but it
is well on it's way!

here are some pictures...

i am really hoping to finish things up
sooner than later!!

it's coming along
slowly but surely,

i can't wait to be completely unpacked
and decorated!!

i hope these pictures give you a glimpse 
of what i've been up to.