Thursday, April 26, 2012

my new back yard?

well i am still renovating my house...
firing my contractor
and learning
something new everyday...

this project has been a long tough road 
of emotions and lessons.

i am a bundle of nerves...
is coming to town to save they day.
i have toyed with this decision

wondering if i am ready to see him.
it has been a year...

after all timo is family
and it's time to see him.

i knew this day would come
and honestly...

how can i say no
to this?

yes, timo is coming to town
to help me finish and fix
my house...


give me the most beautiful
landscaped yard!

this is a picture of my house with
timo's ideas...

what am i going to do?

can i stay cool?
can he?

can we be friends??

we will see...

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