Thursday, June 24, 2010


so i was telling a friend about the crazy islands being built
in dubai.
so far there is a palm tree island and they are
in the process of building 
islands in the shape of the world.
my friend thought i had lost my mind and was very confused
until i showed her these.

supposedly dubai's ruler is afraid of going broke so
he is building these and MUCH more to
make dubai the #1 vacation
destination in the world.

maybe he could curb some personal 
just a thought.

his private home.

STILL his private home!!! 

i mean i have been to las vegas and this 
looks bigger!!
i must say it would be a big bummer
to accidentally leave your
cardigan in the room.
"honey i will be back in 30,
i left my sweater"

now thats a car!!! sterling!

he definitely does not have a budget!!

this guy knows how to indulge!!

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