Wednesday, May 16, 2012

hello kitty?

why hello kitty?

first designed by Yuko Shimizu
hello kitty 
first appeared on a vinyl coin
purse in 1974...

she is portrayed as a white 
japanese bobtail cat
with a red bow.


"her real name is Kitty White and she was born in the suburbs of London, England on November 1. Her height is described as five apples and her weight as three apples. She is portrayed as a bright and kind-hearted girl, very close to her twin sister Mimmy. She is good at baking cookies and loves Mama's homemade apple pie. She likes to collect cute things and her favorite subjects in school are English, music and art.
Hello Kitty is portrayed surrounded by a large family who all go by the last name White. Her twin sister Mimmy is described as "shy and very girly," interested in sewing and dreaming of marriage. While Hello Kitty wears a bow on her left ear, Mimmy wears hers on the right. Their Papa, George, is described as dependable, humorous but also absent-minded. Mama, Mary, is portrayed as a good cook who loves doing housework. Grandpa Anthony likes to tell stories and Grandma Margaret likes sewing. Dear Daniel is Hello Kitty's childhood friend. His character profile describes him as born in London on May 3 with the real name Daniel Starr. He travelled with his parents and was away from Hello Kitty for a long time. He is portrayed as fashionable and sensitive, good at dancing and playing the piano, with an interest in photography and dreams of being a celebrity. Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty's pet, a white Persian. She is described as docile, obedient and fond of shiny things. Her necklace holds the key to Hello Kitty's jewellery box. Hello Kitty also has a pet hamster named Sugar, who was a gift from Dear Daniel."

so why the crazy? 
this fictional character was
originally meant for preadolescent teens..

but now she is recognized amongst the 
pop culture 
even in couture...

here are some crazy, extreme examples i found
that prompted reasearch 
on this unusual fad...

yes, this is a hello kitty crown...

um... creepy!
hello kitty contacts...

Hello Kitty villa in Taipei.

pave diamond ring for all the Hello Kitty fans.

Hau Sheng Hospital in Yuanlin, Taiwan has
recently built a hospital completely themed with
Hello Kitty.

Priced at $31,660.

i must say like most crazes i skip them...
non the less

this pop culture 
craze certainly is intriguing...

maybe because it's so weird
and so big.

i hope you have enjoyed
the bit of weirdness i brought to your day...

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