Saturday, August 3, 2013

a little about our fairies...

a little about our fairies...

her full name is Rain Silverglitter
she lights fire in the heart...
she lives in reed marshes
and deserted beaches
and can only be 
seen on midsummer's eve.
she wears pure white gossamer and her wings 
are translucent and opalescent...

her full name is Laila Moonwebb,
she is a messenger of the moongoddess.
she lives in clover fields
and can only be seen in the light of the full moon.
she wears olive green dresses
and has pale purple wings...

her full name is Willow Windglitter
she brings gentle breezes to change the weather
and she lives in fruit orchards and vineyards...
she can only be seen in the mist of the early morning
and wears red, purple and yellow,
and her wings are translucent and shimmer ...

her full name is Poopsy Reedflier.
she is a trouble maker, 
and lives where fireflies gather
and breed. she can only be seen in the enchanted moment
 between sleep and waking. 
she wears pale pink and here wings are 
translucent green...

her full name is Misty Goldenglow.
she likes to steal shiny coins and pretty trinkets...
she lives in spider webs and insect grottos,
 and her dresses are made of spider webs and gossamer
and her wings are bright pink...

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