Thursday, February 24, 2011

never forget to look up.....

never forget to look up....
you could miss something beautiful...

(ceiling and photo unknown)

 Drayton Hall Plantation

The Vatican

 big face Buddha in the temple Wat Pho 
Bangkok, Thailand

 Koh Phangan Island

sunset in Montalcino, Italy

The Eiffel Tower

 this was a monk standing way up high
looking down at us.... 
Angor What Cambodia

 this little guy peered at us below while we ate
dinner in the Serengeti in Tanzania Africa

The Louvre

 this was the ceiling 
in a restaurant in Tulum Mexico

 i marveled at the craftsmanship 
of this hut while laying in bed
Tulum Mexico

beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
none too big or small...

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