Saturday, May 14, 2011

love can be so complicated...

how and why is love so painful?
is it because we wouldn't be complete
without it?
is it because we need it to survive?

is it our balance?

"and you,
a windrose
a compass,
my direction, 
my description of the world."
-Ian Burgham

to me, traveling soothes the soul in ways nothing
else can..... 
traveling together you really find
an understanding of one another....
it can be very hard
or fit just right...

 we fit just right...

remember paris?


 remember spain?





how was that us?
and now i feel so lost?

how are we still helplessly in love
and so completely at odds??

which of these is true?


don't we make our own destiny?
and our own truth?
 isn't the world our

we are what we make of ourselves
 we get what we put out,

it's just hard...
 life is so tough...
but so are most things worth having...

where are your priorities? 
where are mine? 
can this work? 
do we want it to?

 ""Come to the edge," he said. 
They said, "We are afraid." 
"Come to the edge," he said. 
They came. He pushed them and they flew.""

 how do we really know what destroys
us... or makes us stronger?
aren't they one in the same?

isn't the pain a part of life, just as 
 the happiness is?

isn't the pain in life the spice?
the hardship that molds us without choice
into who we are...

isn't it what makes us wonderful and complex...

"Walk to the well. 
Turn as the earth and the moon turn, 
circling what they love 
Whatever circles comes from the center. "

no one goes without struggle
it's finding our inner peace...
and surviving that brings us happiness...

(all photos found on flicker, weheartit, or taken by me)


Miss Ginni said... your images...

ALNiering86 said...

Awesome... I don't think there is any black or white answer on this one... all grey... however well said!