Monday, December 12, 2011

bubble chandelier.....

awhile back ready made posted 
an adorable chandelier

that i have been dying to make....

and i think this looks like 

such a fun project!!!

now let's see if i

 can find a spot

for one more super 


Prepare the bubbles: Cut the 1/16-inch-thick string into twelve 6-inch-long pieces. Tie one string around the center of each rod with at least two secure knots. Insert a rod into each bubble ball so that the ball can be held up by the string.
Assemble clusters: Tie the strings from four balls to the wires of a socket (containing a globe light bulb) so that the balls surround the bulb. Twist the strings from the balls and the socket wire together to form a single cable. Repeat to make two more clusters.
Coil Together: Cut the 1/8-inch-thick string into three 8-foot-long pieces. Tie a secure knot at the base of the socket cable, and coil the string around the cable until it is fully wrapped for a length of 2½ inches. Tie another secure knot at the top of this coil. Repeat for each cluster.
Three become one: At this point, you can bring the cables from each cluster of balls and socket together to form the chandelier. Tie small knots between individual strings so that the three cables are securely attached to one another. Then start braiding the three pieces of 1/8-inch string together. Tie the ends so the braid doesn’t unravel. This will produce the coil wrapping for the main chandelier cable.
Cord extension: Cut off the outlet head of the extension cord and strip the end about 1 inch so that the wires are exposed. Twist the 3 positive (black) socket wires together, and attach them to the black wire from the extension cord. Wrap the connection with electrical tape. Twist the 3 neutral (white) socket wires together and attach them to the white wire from the extension cord. Wrap the connection with electrical tape. Secure the two connections together in electrical tape to form a single cable.
Finish and hang: Coil the braided strings around the cable from the bottom up. Continue until you’ve achieved the desired length. At the end of the coil, carefully create a slit in the center of the extension cord so that an individual string can pass through to tie back to the cable. Finish by tying small knots around this slit with the braid strings. Finally, insert an anchor and eyescrew in your ceiling to hang your beautiful new fixture.

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