Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i am headed to atlanta!

i am headed to atlanta... and actually i am excited!
i have hurt my back so i am looking forward to seeing timo
and getting some tlc.... considering i survive
my flight.

1st thing is first
my sweet man has a facial scheduled for me at noon.

and like everybody else i am really excited 
about about shopping...
and for a gal who grew up shopping
in boutiques i really do miss a good department store!

Charleston no longer has a sax 5th ave...
(which was our ONLY high end department store)

 here i come!!!

i am so excited about the food !!
i am a major foodie and there are some fantastic restaurants in atlanta!
charleston is an amazing food town but one thing we are truly
missing is really good mexican food!!!

the best mexican i have ever had:

and there should be no visit to atlanta with out
eating at:


yum yum!

as congested as atlanta is it does have its pluses
not to mention it is actually going to be nice to be in a big city
for a night or two.

i can't wait to see timo

the one thing i am really not looking forward to
is the traffic..... :(

it is so bad...

one blessing is i don't have to drive!
see you in a couple of days!

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