Tuesday, October 5, 2010

lighting ideas....

i have always, alway

wanted to throw a dinner party outside
even if it is just for two.

(me and my favorite man)     

just pick up my dining room table and put it in the grass
with some beautiful lighting and candles 
and have a romantic dinner.

well with this in mind and halloween on its way....
and my annual zombie party....
i am going to have my outside dinner
party finally!!

so today i have been all over town and have finally fixed

my clothesline in my back yard...
i am going to use this clothesline to hang black shredded sheets
and hopefully also as an anchor for lighting in my yard.

i have been exploring all different lighting options
and i am really excited and hope i can pull off 
the look i want.

i just love this table!
these are some pictures of my inspiration...

this looks like SO much fun!!

now of course it is a halloween/zombie party i am throwing
so my over all look is going to be
a lot creepier...

stay tuned more to follow.......

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