Saturday, October 2, 2010

still thinking about pillows and textiles.....

grain sacks are wonderfully charming and 
have a great deal of history to them.
they are quite rare and of course very valuable.

Kymberley Fraser of 3 Fine Grains
has been collecting these sacks for years. these sacks are around 
100 years old and 
are hemp linen in a herringbone 
pattern. most originals have patches
that only increases its value.

these chair and pillows are just charming and elegant.
their history definitely gives a sophistication and elegance
that only something handmade and 
100 years old can give.

when done correctly, these textile chairs and pillows
could go in a dining room,  kitchen, even a bedroom.
they are simply great.

some of these can be found on ebay:

i just adore these grain bags with the traditional
stripes. i think they would 
look great going down a staircase.

put feathers in this grain sack and you have a beautiful pillow
i would love
 to start collecting several and make bedding,hand bags  or even 
window coverings,
maybe a chair covering

these gems 
are very versatile...
i LOVE this winged chair!

so off i go antiquing ..... trying to find deals
on old grain bags...
i will turn these old sacks into 
something modern, and beautiful and each piece
will have a story to tell.

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