Saturday, July 10, 2010

and the special today was......

chicken and waffles!

                                                                                                      (all day)

                                                                                              2 biscuits   5.00
with cream pepper gravy

2 eggs any style  6.00
with biscuit or toast and 1 side  
- bacon, sausage or ham         1.50

cheese omelette  7.25
with biscuit or toast and 1 side
-veggies - mushrooms, onions, pepper or salsa   .50-meats - bacon, sausage or ham   1.50
steak and eggs   11.00ribeye with two eggs any style       
served with biscuit or toast  and 1 side
shrimp and grits   9.00sauteed with tomato bacon gravy
 or panko fried with sweet and spicy jelly
served with biscuit or toast     
the mess  7.25
scramble of curried vegetables, potatoes and eggs
with a slice of avocado, biscuit or toast and 1 side 
country scramble   7.50
potatoes, country sausage, eggs and cheddar topped with cream gravy
biscuit or toast and 1 side  
french toast    6.50
corn cakes benedict  9.00
poached eggs, bacon and hollandaisse over corn cakes with 1 side
buttermilk pancakes  6.50

breakfast sides: hashbrowns, homefries, fruit or grits

add bacon, sausage or ham for 1.75

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