Friday, July 30, 2010


if you know me you know i adore sharks.
so fluid and free sharks have 
a dark beauty i respect and admire.
sharks are an amazing example of 
evolutionary perfection.

sadly sharks are mistreated. their greatness and strength
is terrifying which can lead to harm.

there is about 400 species of sharks.

this is a frill shark they live about 2500 feet
below the sea and are rarely seen.


The Great white shark – now classed as "globally vulnerable to extinction" by the IUCN.

this is the saddest sight.....
"Dead sharks lie on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The sharks were caught, stripped of their fins for shark-fin soup, then thrown back into the water."

sharks are robbed of their dignity and life. 
thrown back and left to
drown after stripped of their fins.
imperial shark fin soup 
can sell for up to $100.00


sharks are dark on top to help them blend in with the dark waters
when viewed from above,
they are light on their underside to appear light and blend with
the water when being viewed from underneath.

sharks dark beauty and smooth movement
is undeniable.

a force of nature not to be messed with.

if we lose these amazing creatures our ocean
may not survive. 
sharks are an essential part of our
oceans eco system.

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