Sunday, July 11, 2010

wonder boys 2000

this movie is just amazing.

its funny, quirky and very interesting.
bob dylan won a golden globe and an oscar for the 

as some of you know i am a huge
movie buff...
i find it sad such a
movie like this wasn't recognized more....

"You're not like my other teachers, Professor Tripp."
"You're not like my other students, James"

"Finish the rest of that joint, James, you can start chewing on the box"

"And even though you're book is really beautiful, I mean, amazingly beautiful, it's... it's at times... it's... very detailed. You know, with the genealogies of everyone's horses, and the dental records, and so on. And... I could be wrong, but it sort of reads in places like you didn't make any choices. At all. And I was just wondering if it might not be different if... if when you wrote you weren't always... under the influence. "

if you haven't seen this movie i highly recommend it.
with an amazing cast
and off beat characters
this movie kept me tickled the whole 

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