Monday, September 20, 2010

getting ready for my sisters baby shower...

these are the invitations i made for her shower...
i honestly don't think the pictures 
do them justice...

they weren't very complicated but are 
really adorable in person.

1.  cut the blue paper, card stock, to the size you want
2.  cut the green paper, card stock, to a smaller size with pinking shears, just              enough to show the edge
3. free hand cut out the balloons, and you can use more than one
   sheet of paper at a time to save time and have several balloons look alike
4. for the balloon string...i used a thicker twine and separated it into 3rds and 
    coated to with elmer's glue to make it firm.
5. use double sided tape to attach the balloon and string- this gives it dimension
6. with a ink pad i inked the wording then sprinkled with glitter before it dried.
    (i wanted just a hint of glitter and when dry, the glitter will easily come              off)

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