Monday, September 27, 2010

halloween invitations...

i have been working hard on my annual halloween
dinner/zombie/ pumpkin carving party...

i am planning on hand delivering these 
invitations and am still coming up with the concept
of how or who will deliver them.

inside this little box will be 2 scrolls the first will read:

may the contents of this parcel
be your blessed charm
against the beast of the night
awaiting to do you harm.
please join for a celebration, 
 bring a pumpkin and be prepared
to carve, dress in zombie attire
and i promise you will not starve.
october 26th  2010    

this box is a survival kit for halloween...
inside you will find everything you need and instructions:

holy water



wooden stake

silver tipped bullet
(one reason for hand delivering)

survival kit contents 
WOODEN STAKE ~ for vampire slaying 
BULLET W/ SILVER TIP ~ werewolf extermination 
HOLY WATER ~ exorc!m "tuals and war#ng off evil %i"ts 
MATCHES ~ destruction of mon'er remains and lighting of torches
ha(y halloween please rsvp by october 19 2010

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